"Marty Kolls Plays Aeolian Saturday" - London Free Press James Reaney - Feb. 21, 2014

"Summer 2011 Musical Discoveries" - CBCRadio3 - Grant Lawrence

 '...her version of the New Pornographers song "Adventures in Solitude" blew me away!'   (38m:45s)



"Eddie Shack, Emm, Marty Kolls, Fones & Millington" - London Free Press - James Reaney - Jan. 24, 2011

 . . . and then a house concert with Catherine McInnes & Emm Gryner who introduced us to singer/songwriter with verve Marty Kolls,  a new & former Londoner who has been recording with Emm and (Emm gives him “all the credit”) Darryl Lahteenmaa.

Catherine & Emm are known greats . . . but Marty was a revelation. Plays the ukulele, piano, toy piano, great songs, husband helps out on glocksenspiel . . . hey (now that I think of it) Catherine & Emm have both been stellar Reaney’s Pick video guests. We should get Marty in there too.  Ace bassist Steve Clark backed up Emm and Catherine, who were at the old family Steinway rawkin the house.


"The right place to be" - London Free Press - James Reaney - July 18, 2011

 Fresh from emceeing a stage where her guests were two of Canada's top singer-songwriters, Marty Kolls found the right words.

"This year, Home County is the place to be," said Kolls, a London singer-songwriter and one of many local heroes as the fest's 38th edition ended Sunday at Victoria Park.

Kolls was in a good place to judge. She and her ukulele had been a between-set guest on Friday's concert at the Kiwanis bandshell. Late Sunday afternoon, Kolls had shared the centre stage's workshop with Sarah Harmer and Dan Mangan.


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